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Bad Girl

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Another trip [Nov. 10th, 2009|04:45 pm]
Bad Girl
[Tags|, ]

So, in the interests of getting laid again, I decided to go out the Swingers Club for Halloween. And lemme just say that Halloween costumes get much, much more interesting amongst the sexier, kinkier crowd.

As for me, although there are a million sexy/slutty costumes out, I wanted to avoid all the cliches (sexy nurse, kitten, cop, pirate) and go for something a little more interesting, but still sexy as hell.

My choice? Snow White (that is not me in the pic). Why? Because in addition to the costume itself being sexy, there's this whole cute, wholesome, forbidden aspect to this kind of thing. It has the same kind of forbidden allure as the schoolgirl outfit, but even more so, in my opinion. I went all out with the "cute" additions too - red bow in the hair, red panties with the ruffles, white stockings with bows, cute makeup, the works! It was ridiculously cute in exactly the kind of "I must fuck you right now" way I was hoping for.

So I ran into HFD and his girlfriend in the locker room, and started getting felt up right away - the sign of a good evening to come! I got a lot of compliments on the costume, had a couple drinks, and settled down at the table with HFD, his girlfriend, and a few others. Girlfriend was dressed as a cop, and I was asking her about her outfit, and she even brought real handcuffs. I offered to show her how to cuff someone properly, so she cuffed my hands behind my back and left me there, for about 10 minutes while I pouted. I enjoyed it, but the pouting and pleading is too cute to resist. Also, I give good puppy eyes.

So I was eventually uncuffed, and did some shameless flirting with a bunch of other people at the club, offered my ass for a few spankings (side note, they need to run a class to show people how to use a flogger properly - wraparounds are not fun!), and just had a good time.

After a little while, girlfriend takes my hand and says that HFD would like to destroy my ass now, and led me upstairs. He throws me against the wall, and starts stripping off my clothing, and tells me not to move. The room was lit in blacklight, so that was fun. He ties up my hands and tells me to stay still. He leaves me for a bit, and I can hear him doing something with his GF, but can't see anything.

Eventually he comes back and asks if I like girls. After an enthusiastic "Yes!", he grabs me by the neck, and brings me over to GF who is also bound and topless. He tells me to suck on her nipples while he's busy sticking his cock in her mouth.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

After a while, he pulls my head up and holds his cock a few inches from my face while I try to put it in my mouth. Fuck, I HATE when they do that! He kept holding my head back so I couldn't get to it, and then asked his GF if I should get it. She said yes, and he put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it like it was going out of style, and took him all the way down. He held my head there for a while, and I have to admit that I gagged a bit. I'm terribly out of practice and was embarrassed by it, but after a quick break and a glass of water, I was back to business.

I don't remember all the details - I was whipped, GF was whipped, and then HFD started fucking GF while I watched (HOT!). He was fucking her HARD, and asked me to choke her while he was doing it. Not knowing her or her limits, I didn't go too hard; enough for a good squeeze, but not enough to really cut off air or blood, and she came hard. It was so hot to watch that I nearly came myself. One she came down, he put me in doggie style and fucked me hard. Within a minute I asked if I could cum and he said yes. I think the orgasm lasted a couple minutes, and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole club could hear me. Phenomenal!

After getting dressed again, there was more partying, dancing, flirting, spanking (must be the ruffled panties, but everyone wanted a spank!) and carrying on. At one point, HFD mentioned that he was looking for an ongoing casual play partner and I asked if I was interested. I said I definitely would be, and hopefully we will arrange a play date sometime soon.

So yes, great time, going again, lots of fun, etc.. Nice to be back in the game.
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2009|12:43 pm]
Bad Girl
[mood |excitedexcited]

1. HFD is not French, but that's ok, and I'll keep the acronym
2. I will likely be seeing him this weekend. Stay tuned....
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Throwing down [Oct. 20th, 2009|12:14 am]
Bad Girl
[Tags|, , ]

So, in the interests of not bitching here about my recent dry spell of interesting sex life, I decided it was high time to haul my ass out and GET SOME!

cut for LONG ASS ENTRY, but worth the read!Collapse )
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Enough [May. 13th, 2009|04:01 pm]
Bad Girl
[Tags|, ]

Having re-read most of my recent posts, they're all bitching about my lack of sex partner, so enough of that. I want to start writing about sex again, and maybe the universe will drop some sex in my lap (pun intended).

So, I've been asked by a number of people about anal sex, why I like it so much, and would I ever want it to the exclusion of regular sex.

The answer is yes. I've talked about this before here and here but I feel it bears repeating. Not to mention that some of these posts are 5 years old, and bear reviewing.

I can't claim to have made an early start into anal sex. I was dating someone who wanted to try it, and I did, and it was disappointing. It pretty much came off the menu after that. Later on, with a different partner, when I started exploring BDSM in all its various permutations, anal sex deserved a revisiting. With the help of good toys, lots of lube, and an enthusiastic partner, my subsequent anal experiences definitely made up for previous failure.

One of the first things I fell in love with about anal is the taboo. I've always been drawn towards things that I'm not supposed to like. I met plenty of girls who think that blowjobs are for special occasions only, and sex should be used as a weapon to get what you want, so no one I knew was into anal sex at all. So it was amazing for me to be able to have a rough anal session and then go to work the next day with a sore ass and a huge grin. I would love to ask co-workers about their day, and while they were at home with a DVD, I was getting a huge cock shoved up my ass. It made me smile... it still does.

Girls aren't supposed to like anal sex. They're supposed to grudgingly try it once for a boyfriend, then retire their ass forever. Seriously, most of the erotica I've found on anal describes a man pretty much begging his wife for anal once in their 10-year relationship. It's sad, really. From my perspective, even if anal didn't give me mind-blowing orgasms, I think I would still enjoy it because of the extreme taboo.

Anal sex is (for lack of better term) a labour of love. Stretching, relaxation, lube, it's all part of a planned and deliberate effort. If you're not into it, or working to make it happen, it just won't.

I remember the first time I fucked a stranger. The sex was good, but the thing that got me off the most was sitting there thinking "holy shit, this guy is fucking me and I don't even know his name." Game me orgasms that made my head hurt... it still does. Anal is the same way. The taboo of doing something that's widely considered incredibly depraved is fantastic.

To quote John Stagliano, pussies are bullshit. You watch enough porn and you realize how fake it all is. Lube, makeup, and stage lighting. The only chest flush you'll see is on amateur porn. The boobs are fake, the lube is fake, and the orgasms are fake. Anal sex is the only time when you see genuine emotion. Rocco is my fave for this. The girls he sodomizes he isn't gentle with. You can see the struggle and pain in their faces as he pushes into their asses. I have a clip from a Rocco film where the girl has this scared look on her face, and Rocco is slowly sodomizing her. The sodomy doesn't get me off, but the look on her face does, every time. It's probably my favourite porn movie of all time.

With anal sex, you get the feeling of being exceedingly present, in the moment, and focused on your partner. The feeling of a cock in your ass also feels really exaggerated; everything feels way bigger. You have to stay focused on relaxing, which focuses your attention on the act itself, how degrading it is, and that makes it hotter.

Honestly, fuck my ass and I will drop into subspace like a boulder in a well. You might as well have a sign saying "you're a slut" tattooed on your forehead, and every minute that it's going on, you feel more and more depraved.

In addition to all that, and in case that wasn't enough, there's the feeling of being extremely vulnerable. Positioning alone to be able to do anal puts you in an extremely vulnerable position, not to mention having to physically open yourself into a very sensitive, delicate and vulnerable area.

So, if you add all of that together, and factor in that I regularly have anal orgasms, is it any surprise why I would want it all the time? The only challenge with this is for it to be regular, it has to be frequent. You have to be stretched often or you lose the flexibility. I would love to have a frequent anal partner to the point I can do an anal quickie, or do it without lube (yes, this can be done safely, I'm not dumb). I think this would be incredibly hot.
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*Sigh* [May. 4th, 2009|04:54 pm]
Bad Girl
So it looks like the search for a new play partner is not going well. There was a prospect virtually lined up who just dropped off the face of the earth for a month.


It seems like the only guys interested in regular, kinky, dirty-ass sex (pun intended) are either flaky, retarded, drug addicted, ugly, obese, or old enough to be my grandfather, or any combination.

I even got desperate enough to put an ad on craigslist, which I don't recommend, looking for a play partner. I was very explicit about what I wanted, and what I was prepared to offer, and I got probably a hundred responses, some that even started "on your knees now bitch." No, really. Probably about 10 at least. I can count on one hand the number that were so much as spelled correctly, and I think two of those who even bothered to read the e-mail.

*histrionic sigh*

So, I need advice. Where can I find a non-ugly, non-crazy, somewhat experienced guy to dominate the hell out of me on a regular basis, who will not flake out, doesn't use drugs, and isn't a senior citizen? In exchange I will offer frequent, freaky sex, anal, deep-throating, and the ability to use just about any implement of evil on my ass on a somewhat regular basis.

(first person to say AFF, craigslist, or lavalife gets banned!)
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Eeeexcellent [Mar. 20th, 2009|03:07 pm]
Bad Girl
[mood |amusedamused]

The last time I took this test I got 35.04% pure. I'm making progress, but I would still like to notch it down by 10-20 more percent....

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
I wouldn't shake hands, if I were you
Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive 28.9%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 25%
At least one weekend of ecstacy
Fucking Sick49.6%
Don't look in the basement
You are 25.32% pure
Average Score: 72.3%
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Way too horny [Mar. 20th, 2009|01:11 pm]
Bad Girl
I need to stop looking at Extreme Restraints because all it does is make me lust after new toys (and a partner to use them on me). What toys you may ask?

- A-Bomb Butt Plug
- Ring Gags (in large, of course!)
- Spring gags
- The anal hook
- The triple play dildo (and a freaky girl to use it with)
- A rubber flogger

I can't even concentrate right now. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day masturbating just to take the edge off.
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Downers [Mar. 18th, 2009|01:09 pm]
Bad Girl
[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]

It seems like the crappy economy, layoffs, less money, and general malaise have had an unintended side effect - no one wants to have sex anymore.

One would imagine that with less money to go on vacation, to the movies, and other assorted luxuries that people are spending more time at home, and therefore, more time having sex, bud sadly it's not the case. Everyone is depressed, scared, working more or spending more time looking for work, and too stressed to be interested in fucking.

So, this means a delay in the impending meeting with the new prospective play partner.


Personally, I think a few hours of rigorous, pounding, wild, raunchy sex is just what the doctor ordered to cure this funk that I, and many others are in.

I don't know about anyone else, but I find sex, particularly kinky sex to be extremely cathartic. Getting into subspace and being able to just forget about real life for hours on end is fucking amazing. You can just drift off into your own world and focus only on what's happening to you, while your endorphins soar.....

... I think I may need a new chair.

So, delay in the recruitment of a new sex partner, so that means I'm relegated back to ridiculous amount of porn and masturbation. On that note, does anyone know of any decent lesbian porn that is not a) fake b) full of ugly women or c) made for straight men (see a: fake). I loves me some hot girl on girl action, and the available les porn isn't doing it for me. Gay porn however is always sincere and always full of impossibly hot guys, which just isn't fair. Do lesbians not watch porn? Because the gay men know how to put on a show, and the lesbians are seriously dragging behind. Come ON ladies!
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I love this [Feb. 20th, 2009|03:34 pm]
Bad Girl
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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How have I been? [Feb. 20th, 2009|02:07 pm]
Bad Girl
In a word, horny. As hell.

There is something deeply cathartic about getting fucked into oblivion. It's a great way to relieve stress, and be able to let everything out. After a recent trip to visit kinkysmart and his lovely wife masterofsexnsin, they were kind enough to fuck/beat the shit out of me, and I felt a lot better.

Ok, I'll admit that I couldn't compete with the amazing bruising that masterofsexnsin was able to take (those pictures were amazing, btw), but there was some very respectable bruising of my own the next day, that took the better part of a week to heal.

(temporary pause for psychology moment)

I think that, if I didn't have as much self-control, and didn't hate blood/scarring, that I might be one of those people who cuts themselves. I remember hearing a person who did it describe why they enjoyed it; when they felt bad, they cut themselves, and they could see an obvious physical manifestation of their psychological pain. As the wound healed, they felt as if the mental wounds were healing as well.

I feel that a lot too - I love the pain of really rough sex and BDSM, and love to have some marks; welts, bruises, and the like afterwards. Sex hard enough to make you cry, and it kind of feels like you have permission to let it all out. The ability to lose control in the moment and let go. The bruises are a great reminder of what you did - the "dirty little secret" as it were, and a reminder of having had that release... awesome stuff!

/psychology moment

So, yeah, until I can convince kinkysmart and masterofsexnsin to move out here (did I mention we have a spare room set aside for you?), I need to find another solution that doesn't involve me burning out the motor on yet another vibrator.

I was desperate enough to post an ad on craigslist, which I don't recommend to anyone, because the people on there can't read. They see "female" and "sex" and send you a poorly-written, desperate e-mail that looks like it was written in crayon by a 3rd grader about how they want to get laid. It's sad. So, through other means of internet searching, I have found a candidate who is local, reasonably attractive, with similar interests.

Feel free to take a moment to compose yourselves, because I know how much of a rarity this truly is.

So, we've been IMing for a little while, and he seems like a non-crazy, non-drug addict, non-stalker normal person, who actually wanted to spend some time chatting before meeting up in person. Picture is nice, spelling is good, and I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop (Wife? Criminal record? Scientologist?), but I'm holding out hope that I may have found someone with which to have an ongoing, freaky sex relationship.

Yes, I know most people think that this would not be as difficult to find, but just take my word for it.

If we end up actually getting together, I hope to start posting again about some ridiculously obscene sexual escapades and bring this blog back to the NC-17 rating it's supposed to have.

Also, I desperately want to try out this: http://www.extremerestraints.com/steel-anal-hanger_2244.html

One end in the ass, one tied to the hair... wouldn't that be awesome?!
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